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  • Results From Game Design Challenge: Call Of The Wild

    - Danny Cowan

  • Lindsey Ward, Game Design Student at The University of Montevallo, Paratroop Pack

    You are a wolf, who's been uprooted from your packs usual territory. Humans have caught your pack in a trap of some sort and the next thing you remember is blackness. Brief flashes of being carried onto a metal container, the noise and shaking coming through the haze.

    Eventually you awaken on a strange unfamiliar island, cut off from the mainland by a large body of water, you as the Alpha of this pack must ensure their survival. An unfamiliar howl pierces the quiet and you realize that you're going to have to fight for this new territory.

    In this game you play as the Alpha of a Grey Wolf pack. It is based around the repopulation efforts of Canadien conservationists who airdropped wolves in to help bolster the native packs and to help control the Moose population.

    The gameplay would have elements of a turn based strategy game in that you would have to decide whether to try and take the island for yourself and either incorporate the other wolves living there or become the sole pack. It would also have the survival elements of keeping track of your pack's health, hunger, thirst, age, and population. 


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