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  • Results From Game Design Challenge: Call Of The Wild

    - Danny Cowan

  • HUE Lorène, Game Design Student at ArtFX in Montpellier, France, Monkey's Match

    Monkeys Match is a tiles-matching and real-time puzzle game. Platform : Mobile. Inspirations: Yo-Kai Watch Wibble Wobble, Candy Crush, and the mobile game 10000000.

    Synopsis: You play Enos, a chimpanzee separated from his natural habitat and his family to live in a laboratory with many other monkeys. Enos and his three friends escape from their cages, and explore the corridors of the building in order to escape to find their home. However the group will have to sum up obstacles and enemies.


    The group is compose to 3 members at the beginning, after that the player recruit his first member to has 4 members.  

    Each member of the group has an independent health bar.


    The group will be confronted with several locked gates separating the parts of the building. Enos will have to solve a puzzle at each of the doors, to open the way.

    Fruits: Each puzzle is a match-tiles with 5 different fruits. The player will have to match the identical fruits in order to make fall the key of the door which is hidden in the grid of the puzzle.

    Each of the 5 fruits can specifically heal one member of the group of monkeys. Whenever the player matches a combination of fruits, one of the monkeys will regain a few points of life, depending on the number of fruits matched.

    • Green Apple: Heal the white monkey.

    • Yellow Banana: Heal the brown monkey.

    • Red Watermelon: Heal the red monkey.

    • Purple Graps: Heal the black monkey.

    • Brown Kiwi: Heal all monkeys.

    Score: Match fruit together earns points that add to the score. The more the player matches fruit in one shot, the more points the game gives points. If the player succeeds in making several matches in a short time, he creates combos that earn more points.

    Bonus: Special bonuses have effects directly on the fruits or the score. For example, each monkey posses a jauge in his little icon, when the jauge is full, an effect is activate. This effect once destroys all the fruits of the color of the monkey, and adds equal score to the match of all these fruits.


    Group: The fighting also takes place in tiles-matching, but in the manner of Yo-Kai Watch.

    In a circle are grouped full of small heads with the effigy of the monkeys of the group. The player must connect the heads together to merge them. When he taps on them, they explode and cause damage to enemies.

    The more players who put heads together, the more points they will earn, and the more damage they will do to their opponents.

    Specials: Each monkey has a special attack that inflicts more damage. This one is activated when the small gauge of the monkey is full, having tapped enough small heads to his effigy.

    If a monkey on the team dies, he will not be able to come back to life, no repawn, no KO.

    Enemies: Enemies can be scientists or other monkeys. These can inflict damage on monkeys allied to the group.

    Score: Match heads together earns points that add to the score.

    Game Over: If the entire team or Enos dies, it's game over.

    Other: A special bonus comes into play when a match gauge is full. It fills according to the matches made by the player. The bonus temporarily grants more points during each match.


    Some enemies are other monkeys. If the player wins a fight against a monkey, he can recruit him to add him to his combat group at the place of a dead member.


    Like in Candy Crush or Yo-Kai Watch, characters navigate from puzzle to puzzle aligned on a line, and the player can choose from branch lines. The bottom of the level represents corridors and rooms.

    The player can not advance in the puzzles without having solved the previous one.


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