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  • Results From Game Design Challenge: Battle Royale

    - Danny Cowan

  • HUE Lorène, Game Design Student at ArtFX in Montpellier, France, Animal Crossing Battle Royale

    Synopsis: The royal battle is a competition between villagers from all villages, in a giant arena resembling a village or city. The characters wear costumes and protections, and are not really injured or killed.The last character still standing will be the winner.

    1. Character: Each player plays a customizable character (human, animal).

    • Life points: The character has 50 health points, which come down in many ways. When the character no longer has HP, he is eliminated. The character can regain HP by using a balm or while eating.

    • Inventory: The character has an inventory with 15 slots for items.

    • Equipments: The character can be equipped with outfits, shoes, hats, and accessories.

    • Tools: It is possible to use all the tools to attack, but not all do the same damage. Some tools are more interesting in combat, and others in collection.

    • Shovel: You can hit other villagers with the hammer, or use it to hit stones.

    • Axe: Hit and to fell trees.

    • Slingshot

    • Hammer: You can hit other villagers with the hammer, or use it to hit stones.

    • Spé collect: Fishing rod, Watering, Net.

    • Upgrade tools:

    • Normal: Basic tools, some are damaged and are destructible.

    • Silver.

    • Gold: Gold tools are tools with improved faculties in a variety of ways.


    Shovel: The shovel can occasionally dig bells into the ground, or grow bells. Axe: The golden ax is unbreakable.

    • Actions: The character can do various actions against his opponents or in the environment.

    • To swim

    • Dig

    • Plant

    • Cut

    • Use Tool to attack, catch an insect or to fish.

    • Attacks: The character can use different ways to attack other characters.

    • Use Tools: The character gives a blow with his tool.

    • Use an equipment: The character quickly hits the opponent with boxing gloves.

    • Use a Gyroid Rocket: which can travel a great distance with the character on it, and can go down whenever he wants. The character is protected from thrown objects.

    • Throw objects

    2. Environment:

    • Maps: Different map of villages, and cities. The map shrinks with time, and giant weeds mark the boundary of the playground. When the characters come out of the map, they take increasing damage until they come back into the game zone, or arrive at 0 pv.

    • Starting: The character arrives in the game in 2 ways, either by leaving a house, or by arriving balloons from the air.

    • Insects & Fishs: All kinds of insects are capturable on the map, but some are dangerous for the character like the scorpion, bees and the tarantula.The fish are also fishable. The character can swim in the water, but sharks are dangerous.The character can sell the insects and fish to Tom Nook, or eat them.

    • The Flora:

      • Trees: You can shake the trees to collect fruits, objects and money. Trees grow very quickly once watered. They can block paths, or allow a character to access a platform.

      • Plants:

        • Toxic Flower: Rafflesia produces a horrible smell that removes life points from the character.

    • Flying objects:

      • Balloon: Gifts wrapped and sent by the sky while being attached to a balloon. It can be recovered by shooting with a slingshot.

      • Flying saucer of Gulliver

    • Buried objects:

      • Fossil

      • Traps

      • Gyroid Rocket

      • Money

    • Shops: Multiple stores on the map to create points of interest. The shops allow to spend bells (money) and sell fish, shells, insects, and fruits.

    • Tom Nook's Store: Sells weapons, water gun, tools, flowers, trees, balms, etc ...

    • Able Sister: The Able Sisters sell clothing and accessories:

    • Clothes

    • Umbrellas

    • Accessories

      • Glasses

      • Hats

      • Masks

      • Helmets

    • Climate and temporality:

      • 4 Seasons, and celebrations

      • Climate (sun, rain, snow, wind etc..)

    3. Interfaces (UI):

      • Life's bar

      • Money

      • Invenory

      • Mini-Map, Map shortcuts

      • Adverses eliminated by the player

      • Players still in the game

      • Timer

      • Chat box

      • Notifications

      • Shortcuts to equip the character

      • Shield's bar (total of the protection give by equipements)

    4. Out-Game and others:

    • Game Modes: Battle of snowballs.

    • XP and level climb for players.

    • Skins, emotes etc...


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