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  • Results From Game Design Challenge: Battle Royale

    - Danny Cowan

  • Andrew J Barnett, Student at The University of Montevallo, Street Fighter Battle Royale

    My version of a game turned into a battle royale would be taking a fighting game such as Street Fighter and turning it into a battle royale.
    • In terms of set up the game would be closer to Tetris 99 instead of the more standard battle royal formula. What this means is that games would have a multitude of one on one matches going on. The amount of matches would need to be equal to something viable for an extremely large sort of tournament. This would mean the game would involve 128 players at the start having 64 matches. Then it would go down to 32. Then 16. Then 8. Then 4. Then 2. And then the final one on one match. Each match would go for only one round. This is so that damage would carry over from one match to the next to sort of fit into the formula of a battle royal a bit better.
    • The title would include a little practice mode for players to hone their skills before going into the battle royal portion.
    • After earning victories players would be allowed to watch the match to determine their next opponent. During this time they can either heal themselves or try to interfere in order to weaken whoever wins the match and gain advantage. They could do this through usage of special moves their character has-with varying animations depending upon the move that is used-to providing buffs and nerfs to the two players in the match they are observing. This could translate into trying to simply weaken both or intentionally focusing on whichever opponent the player thinks would be more difficult to face off against.
    • In order to balance out the above a little bit the second player to enter into a match can gain small buffs to help them not get completely demolished against their opponent. If they win with a small amount of health against a much stronger opponent then the boost they are given will be bigger as a reward for their skillful play.
    • After losing players will have the option to stay and watch the player who beat them, and whoever beats that player if they lose a match. This would allow players the chance to learn characters through watching others play, giving them ideas for combos to try out in the training mode of the title mentioned earlier.
    • While a bit odd in terms of being both a battle royal and a fighting game the idea of Street Fighter battle royal could have potential as a less serious side title for both casual players and those heavily into the franchise to mess around and have matches in.


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