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  • Results From Game Design Challenge: Battle Royale

    - Danny Cowan

  • Hannah Q. Nguyen, Student at North Garland High School in Garland, Texas, Cooking Mama Battle Royale

    Premise of the game: We will have ‘game rooms' in which up to 100 contestants can participate in a series of cooking challenges. The game will be structured as a ‘bracket contest', where players are placed randomly in four equally filled rooms. Each ‘room' will involve the players being assigned a certain random dish to create, and they will face off trying to create the best version of the dish. Players will earn a score at the end of the round, which will be contingent on the accuracy to which the players create their dish (same concept as the original Cooking Mama game).

    If there are multiple players left or there are players who scored the highest possible, the game will continue, making the player create another dish. This creates levels and and each level will be harder and harder. The rounds will continue until one ‘reigning cook' is crowned above the rest. The maximum amount of levels will be five and the winner(s) will be rewarded with new recipes. This will unlock higher difficulties to increase the gaming experience.

    Our battle royale game will ultimately keep the same cooking for a score aspect the original Cooking Mama has, only shifting the premise of the game from a single player game to a multiplayer game.

    The strategy to win the game would be to be as accurate as possible when replicating the recipe given to you in the round you're in. The more precise and closer to perfection, the more points that will be awarded to you and will give you a higher chance of moving on to the next round, and ultimately winning the game!


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