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  • Results From Game Design Challenge: Battle Royale

    - Danny Cowan

  • NJIKI.T Eddy Alain, Game Design Student at ArtFX in Montpellier, France, Age of Empires Royale

    Age of Empires Royale is a battle royale version of the history-based real-time strategy video game "Age of Empires"


    Age of Empires asks the player to develop a civilization from a living tribe of hunting and gathering to an Iron Age empire. To win, the player must collect resources to build buildings, develop new technologies and create an army capable of defeating opposing armies and destroying their bases. Resources must also be preserved since they are not renewed during the game; when a tree is felled it will not grow back.

    The player can choose to control one of the twelve civilizations of the game. These are divided into four distinct groups whose architectural style is inspired by the civilizations of East Asia, Mesopotamia, Egypt and Greece.

    Battle royale aspect and how to win:

    The  difference with the classic game is that the players appear in a map with 99 other players, and the winner is the player whose civilization will be the last remaining in the game or the  player with the highest score after 10 hour.

    A player is eliminated after the complete destruction of his buildings and his fighting units.

    The players begins in a random locations in the map, close or not to strategic resources like woods or the sea , and more or less far from other players.

    At first, players only have vision in the surrounding areas.

    Unlike other battle royale, After a while, the playable area does not diminish, but every hour, the visibility of unexplored areas of each player increases, so that the players still in the game after 9 hours of games have visibility on all other players in the game.

    So the players have to:

    collect resources, build,  trade, make alliances, betray, form an army, attack; play aggressively or strategically to be the last survivor, or the remaining players with the highest score after 10 hours.


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