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  • Results From Game Design Challenge: Throw It Out!

    - Danny Cowan

  • Logan Brenner, Student at University of Montevallo, Stockpile

    Stockpile is an inventory management card game where players take turns drawing from a deck and working together through trading and stealing with one another to complete special employee goals.

    The game takes place in the Jackal-Mart storeroom, you (the employee) have been tasked to organize and clean out the stores inventory. Work by yourself or with fellow coworkers to organize the messy store room back into piles and discard the waste.

    At the beginning of play each player will draw a special objective card, each objective card gives the employee a special task to win, ranging from having exactly five of each item in stock or being the slacker, who ensures as much waste as possible.

    There are six different item cards, with nine cards of each item, that players can draw from. They must work to organize the deck and to complete their special objectives by taking turns, either, drawing from the deck, placing an item on the shelf or trading with other players to organize the shelves.

    In the deck are also eight event cards that are shuffled in randomly, such as, the shelf leg breaks and knocks over the stock, reshuffle all cards in the deck and start again. Players win by being the first to complete their special task and clocking out before the others finish. 


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