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  • Results From Game Design Challenge: Throw It Out!

    - Danny Cowan

  • HUE Lorène, Game Design Student at ArtFX in Montpellier, France, Nuclear Wastes

    Nuclear Wastes is a management game in low poly 3D.

    You play as the director of a private nuclear power plant, and you have to manage the facilities and manage of the radioactive waste that accumulates in the storage centers of the plant.


    1. Radioactive Wastes: Nuclear waste is produced by the nuclear power plant. They are classified according to two criteria.

    • The level of radioactivity, which conditions the dangerousness of the products.

      • Very weak activity.

      • Low activity.

      • Average activity.

      • High activity.

    • The duration of their radioactive activity.

      • Very short life (100 days or less)

      • Short life (31 years)

      • Long life (+ 31 years)

    2. Management of the different categories of waste: Nuclear waste necessitates treatment, followed by a long-term management strategy involving storage, disposal or transformation of the waste into a non-toxic form.

    The player decides himself or store each type of radioactive waste, whether or not complying with the safety rules.

    • Waste Dump: (Only non-radioactive wastes.) Unlimited slots.

    • Basic Storage of the Power Plant: (Only Very short life for Very weak activity, Low activity and Average activity.) X slots.

    • Surface storage: (Only Short life and  Long life for Very weak activity.) X slots.

    • Shallow storage: (Only Long life for Low activity.) X slots.

    • A deep geological repository: (Only Long life for Average activity and High activity.) X slots.

    • Ocean disposal: (Only Long Life for Very weak activity and Low activity.) X slots.

    • Disposal in outer space (for instance, inside the Sun):  (Only Long life for High activity.) X slots.

    Each storage has a limited slot number, once full, the player will have to expand the storage to store new wastes.

    Barrels storing radioactive waste can randomly spoil and leak. The player will have to repair the barrels, otherwise they will contaminate the surroundings.

    The space in the storage of the power plant is free and limited. But he must never be full! If the basic storage of the Power Plant is full, the power plant stops working. (see Game Over)

    3. In Game Time:

    The time involved is fast. Each day in play is equivalent to a few minutes outside.

    Time goes into play in terms of days, weeks and years.

    Every day the nuclear power plant produces waste to manage, and gain money.

    4. Money:

    • Gain: Every day in game, the nuclear plant produces electricity sold for cash.

    • Spent: The money raised can be spent for:

      • Buy fuels.

      • Buy barrels to store radioactive waste.

      • Repackage pierced barrels.

      • Buy or expand radioactive waste disposal sites.

        • Waste Dump: Free storage.

        • Basic Storage of the Power Plant: (Free storage, but no expand)

        • Surface storage, 10 000 for each expand.

        • Shallow storage, 15000 for each expand.

        • A deep geological repository , 20 000 for each expand.

        • Ocean disposal: Not expensive, but illegal.

        • Disposal in outer space (for instance, inside the Sun): Very Expensive for each fuse.

    5. Game Over:

    1. If the storage of the nuclear power plant is full, the plant will have to stop working. If the central stops, the director is fired, and has game over!

    2. If improperly stored radioactive waste contaminates surface lands, resulting in the closure of the nuclear power plant, the director is fired, game over !


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