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  • Settings And Options: A Handy Checklist

    - Kevin Giguere

  • Sound controls

    • Do you have a master control?

    Being able to quickly mute and unmute the game can be very practical, as players may be playing other music in the background.

    • Do your volumes have individual controls?

    Players may find some sound levels intrusive, or may be bothered by the music, or may even want to experience the music on its own.

    • Music

    • Sound Effects

    • Voice-overs

    • Ambiance (Background sounds, the motor of the car in a racing game, etc)

    • Etc.


    • Does your game support inverted controls?

    Keeping every invert separate ensures that the player can customize the game to their liking. This includes making controller and mouse inverts separate, and separating on foot sections from flying sections, where applicable.

    • Does your game allow rebinding of keys?

    Rebinding of keys is typically thought mostly for keyboards, but it's often not that complicated to make controllers rebindable as well and can help for more unusual but still compatible layouts such as arcade sticks.

    • Can new players easily rebind buttons?

    Especially useful for fighting games where many players will want to rebind controls to their arcade stick during the character select screen, rather than going in game.

    • Can you easily reset keybinding?

    It's easy to mess things up when working around keybinding, and it's also useful if there are different players customizing them.

    • Can you switch between the controller and the keyboard / mouse on the fly?

    This should not be an actual menu option, but there's no reason to deactivate controls during single player. Players should be able to change between the two seemlessly. However, if your game supports controller rumble, deactivating it when the player is using the keyboard and mouse is advisable.

    • Can you change the mouse's sensitivity?

    It's common to keep X and Y axis sensitivity separate.

    • Do you support extended keyboard and mouse controls?

    Many gamers have customer keyboards and mice with additional buttons which should be bindable through the menu.

    • Do you support being able to change controls sequentially?

    Useful for alternate controllers like arcade sticks which have untraditional layouts, being able to switch out all the controls in a single operation makes the process a lot faster.


    • Does the game allow selecting the language before it begins?

    Useful for games with cold opens, but also for general menu navigation. Being able to find the language options when you can't read the language will be frustrating.

    • Can you select subtitle language separately from audio language?

    In the cases where your game is localized to multiple languages, some players prefer original audio while having subtitles in their native language. Subtitles and menu can remain one element however.


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