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  • Settings And Options: A Handy Checklist

    - Kevin Giguere

  • In-Game

    • Can you modify settings while playing the game?

    Your pause menu should always include the settings options and allow on the fly changing of volume, graphic settings and other options.

    • Can you quick save the game at any time?

    This is more applicable to games with long periods between save opportunities, but providing quick save can help people with hectic schedules still enjoy your game.

    • Do individual players have their own pause menus?

    Can accelerate the process in multiplayer, when players can change characters or customize their controls simultaneously, during a match or at the end of a match. Especially useful when communication is difficult, such as a tournament setting where opposing players may chose different options once a match is over.

    • Does the main game intrude upon the menu?

    If the game is the backdrop of your menu, prevent in-game elements from hindering the menu's display, such as in-game text or bright elements like a targetting reticle.

    • Can you toggle the ingame tips off and on?

    Some games may include tips in game to help the player, and providing the option to turn them off can be useful for players well acquinted with your game, or turning them on for for players who have stepped away for an extended period of time.

    • Can you censor the game in-game?

    For games with gore and cursing, providing an easy way to censor the game can help parents play your game on their terms when the kids are up, or off to bed.


    • Can you move the HUD elements?

    Not always necessary, but can be useful for games targetting e-sports, so they can build an overlay accordingly. Could be useful for passionate streamers as well who want to design a layout for your game.

    • Finally, does your game allow your the player to enjoy their experience on their own terms?

    Gamers have varied realities to contend with, such as color blindless, light sensitivity, motor control issues and so on. Content creators may want to set up your game ahead of recording. They may complete your game over an extended period of time, forgetting where they went before. Different people may also play your game on the same account, with different needs.

    Providing a menu that's easily to navigate and provides proper in-game options can ensure that your players start your game on the right foot and get the best experience all throughout.

    If you have additional suggestions, please let me know and I'll update the list accordingly.

    Dragon Slumber:






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