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  • Lessons Learned In Game Art Production: Part 1

    - Ricardo Bess
  • From April 2017 through March 2018 I had the opportunity to work on the art team of two VR titles by Black River Studios (BRS). This article is an attempt to sum up my experience. I tried to keep it not too technical or over detailed so everyone may learn a thing or two.

    The situation

    We had a rough start, I was new in the company and we had tried to figure out the looks of the game, but since we didn't have a straight understanding of the game - game designers were having a hard time figuring out what the game was about -  it was hard to evaluate what we were achieving (not to say the stylized approach to art I was proposing was not pleasing many of the team members).

    By then, we had developed a simple scene to have a look on what the game would look like and a not much successful proof of concept.

    Image 1 - Some of the visual development created by the whole art team

    Right after this delivery we had a major time cut in our schedule. We had around 3 months to deliver the final product.

    How we handled

    Knowing that we had to be extra efficient I asked the game designers for a "script" of what would happen in the game. After some days they presented a diagram similar to the one bellow.

    Image 2 - diagram showing the game flow

    It wasn't very detailed, but it was enough to start visualizing the game.


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