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  • Results From Game Design Challenge: Just In Time

    - Danny Cowan

  • Renato Lima, Unaffiliated, TimeSpin

    It's Exam week and your character didn't studied anything, he's pretty much screwed. After skip one of his classes, he found a magical hand spinner. As soon he spinned for the first time he noticed that the time rewinded. That gave him an idea, use the TimeSpinner to get an A+ in his exams without anyone get him to detention for cheating. Explore the school, talk with some friends, make the test numerous times by rewinding the event.

    Each day is a test even harder because the school's council will obviously suspect from the grades of a student that didn't studied at all.

    Platform: PC

    Genre: Exploration

    Players: 1

    Scope: 5 days at school (only rewind for the beginning of each day)


    Navigation - WSAD
    Interact - Left Click
    Open Bag - Right Click  Use Item (Release)
    Time Manipulation - Scroll
    Time Resume - Scroll Click
    Pause - Esc


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