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  • Results From Game Design Challenge: Just In Time

    - Danny Cowan

  • Feng Jinn Phang, Student at KDU University College, The Last Journey

    Genre: RPG, Fantasy, Multiple Endings

    Premise: Hero and his/her team travelled to Demon King Castle (green arrow) to defeat Demon King. In the epic fight, they lost and died. With a mysterious blessing (voice of goddess/spirit) that had cast on hero long before the end, hero was brought back to life. But there is nothing he/she can do, until he/she casts the miraculous time spell that comes with a price.

    Concept: Hero travels back in time to discover the mysterious blessing/voice, unfold the story behind his/her teammates, and learn the overlooked consequences of previous expedition. Special Item or spell will be retrieved from respective stage. Once hero interacts with any key events in the Beginner Village, hero can fast travel to any subsequent stages. Once hero is not able to pay the spell price, he/she will lose the power of time travel. And thus, begin his/her last journey to save the world.

    Gameplay Summary: Player starts in the last stage of the story: Demon King Castle. A mysterious voice will guide player to travel back to the beginning and alter the destiny. To reach true ending, player needs to collect key items and defeat demon king.

    Main Mechanics/Rules:

    1. Travel back to previous stages (blue arrow) requires hero's level (begins with 99). For instance: Demon King Castle to Corrupted Village will reduce it from 99 to 80.

    2. Player can only travel back to one stage before current stage. To travel again, player needs to achieve goals such as kill certain monsters or mini boss, discover a hidden story, and retrieve the item.

    3. Travel in normal time (green arrow) does not require anything. For example, from Corrupted Village to Demon King Castle.

    4. Hero cannot gain any exp from killing monsters (since they were killed before and hero is time traveller). This does not apply to hero's teammates (Their level will set to default value at relative stage based on the ‘past journey').

    5. Hero will become weaker and weaker. Therefore, the battle is heavily relied on hero's teammates unless hero obtains special spell/skill/buff from relative stages.

    6. Hero may lose his/her friends based on his/her choices during the journey of travel back in time. And again, hero can proceed to next stage and travel back in time to change the event.

    7. Once player interacts with one of key events in the Beginner Village, he/she can fast travel back to any stages (red arrow). Travel back in time still requires hero's level, if there is any left.

    8. There will be choices in different stages which will affect the following stages, especially Demon King Castle stage (butterfly effect).


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