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  • Results From Game Design Challenge: Just In Time

    - Danny Cowan

  • Owen Jones, Writer & Blogger, The Banshees of Chronos

    Death. Just hearing the sound of a woman wailing sends a chill down our spines as we witness the body taking a gruesome dirt nap. Was it suicide or murder? How much did she see? Is there any relation to her and the victim? Why do our ears hurt after hearing the scream?

    The Banshee of Chronos is a mystery-adventure thriller that focuses its time from both the Victorian age and the steampunk counterpart. You play as Detective Levi Archer, the new recruit who is in the homicide division. During the investigation of Mayor Gordon Lilly, he spots a woman in a cloak running away from the scene in the steampunk streets of Ichorhallow. Archer catches up to the woman only to hear her wail towards him, taking the detective back in time. Confused on what just happened and realizing how far he went back in time, the detective takes his chance to prevent the mayor's death.

    Levi, still in shock about what is all happening, ran into the woman again only to be forced into a deep discussion about everything. She introduces herself as Faith, a member of the secret society known as the Banshees of Chronos. While normal Banshees can tell when someone will die, these ladies all possess a power to reverse and travel through time. Faith needs Archer's help. Lately, the high hierarchy is being murdered one after another along with her fellow Banshees. She believes that the Reapers are back. Reapers hold the power to kill everyone and negate the banshee's wail to prevent the second redemption of life. But when she mentions his great-grandfather Nathaniel Lee Archer, Levi settles down and help her on this ancient dark society.

    While Faith has the power of time by letting out a wail. She realizes that both she and Levi will have to work together even if it means splitting up during this investigation. Faith's society designed a special pocket watch that plays the Banshee scream to help Levi travel through time on his own. But he needs to be careful, while the scream needs a certain button to activate time travel, the real scream will cause some serious pain to the citizen's ears.

    Travel from three major cities in the steampunk era and back in time when these three were the known together as the Victorian capital Cresthaven. Learn the truth on why Mayor Lilly is a member of the Reaper's death list during your stay in Ichorhallow. Discover the reason why President Lushington is a target in Aetherdale. Find out how High Priest Parkes became a target in Cogfell.

    Gather clues from each era about the Banshees, murders, and Reapers. Get to know about Levi's family history along the way and the backstory on how both secret societies became to be. Solve crimes from both eras to collect evidence relating to the Reaper society. Search for signs on how the Archer family tree links to the society of Banshees.


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