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  • Results From Game Design Challenge: Halloween Haunts

    - Danny Cowan

  • Paul Hannon, Student at University of Montevallo, Nightmarish Sleepover

    The players are tourists looking for a spooktacular time at a haunted house for Halloween. They hear of one haunted house that is said to be like no other. Out in the middle of nowhere stands an abandoned house surrounded by a crop forest to the West, a small lake to the East, a cemetery to the North, and a thick forest from all sides. Nobody knows who lives there or how it gets decorated as a haunted mansion every Halloween. The tourists decided not just to go to the haunted house but to also spend the night there to uncover its mysteries. The tourist hear that for a "true" experience they must be in a costume the entire time.

    • The game is a stealth, puzzle solver that requires the tourists to survive the night or die and become new "decorations" to the house.
    • The house has a ground floor, an upstairs, a basement, and an attic.
    • It is up to the tourists to decide the best course of action to take.
      • Either stick together or spread out to cover more ground.
    • To win:
      • Each tourist must find out who all of the previous living residencies once were, how they died, and make it off the property before the sun rises again.
        • There are 10 spirits that the tourists must find before they can flee the property and be free from this nightmare.
        • Not every tourists needs to survive, just make sure you do.
    • There are many obstacles that stand in their way:
      • Outside the house are past haunted house goers who failed the task to survive the night and now roam the property searching for new victims.
        • Zombies and skeletons in the cemetery.
        • Sharks and swamp monsters in the lake.
        • Scarecrows and reapers in the crop forest.
        • Ghosts and killer pumpkins in the front yard.
      • Some of the past goers chose similar costumes that your friends were allowed to pick which can be used to trick you, so be suspicious of everything.
        • A Werewolf
        • A Vampire
        • A Witch
        • A Clown
        • A Mummy
        • A Frankenstein
        • And a Nun
      • Along with many secrets that reside throughout the property that can either aid or end the tourist.
    • If a tourist dies:
      • Outside the house, depending on where you died, then you become one of the obstacles that resides in that area.
      • Inside the mansion, then you become one of the obstacles that can confuse or trick future players by making them think you are one of their friends.
    • If everyone dies then that is a game over.

    The longer you stay the harder it gets. Will you make it out to tell the tale of your Nightmarish Sleepover?


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