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  • Results From Game Design Challenge: Halloween Haunts

    - Danny Cowan

  • Francisco Lucas Rezende, Student at Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Paraná, Ghost Party

    In Ghost Party, you and more 4 players control a group of messy ghosts that seek to gather guests and make the biggest supernatural party of the city! But what you do not know is that those guests are alive (at least for now muahaha).

    The ghosts loved to make parties in the haunted house, until the ghostbusters ruin their privacy! Now the ghosts are looking for revenge and they want to haunt the whole neighborhood, messing up the streets and city places. The goal is to transform the greatest number of mortals in ghosts to make the biggest party of the universe at the end of the game! Help them in this multiplayer co-op or single-player game.

    CO-OP CHALLENGES - Each ghost is responsible for one function! Choose between several ghosts and play with your friends!

    FRANTIC GAME - Confusions and random events occur during the gameplay!

    MAKE YOUR OWN GHOST PARTY - The ghosts do love parties! What about haunt some houses, and make killin' parties?

    GHOSTBUSTERS - Your party is about to start, but some people were not invited.

    INTERACTION WITH OBJECTS - The houses hide objects and items that can make your party even better. Explore it and have fun!

    The game starts in the ghosts' haunted house, where the player has the first steps with the gameplay and where he starts understand why the ghosts were kicked out.

    All the ghosts can fly for a period, get and pass through objects. However, all of them are different in at least one feature. Some of them can scare people easier than others, other can be better to decorate your party. The player starts with basic ghosts and according to the game progress, new collectible characters are unlocked.

    It is not mandatory to kill human NPCs, but, that is the way to get more ghost-guests. They are necessary to make successful parties (5 stars or more).

    During the gameplay, each player is responsible for a function and for goals. Examples:

    "Get more 5 guests to your party!", "Find something to make the ghosts dancing", "Do not let the Ghostbusters ruin the party".

    The Ghostbusters appear after the first human NPC identify a ghost. As the players get more stars, new Ghostbusters appear, making the game more challenger. Some humans are not afraid of ghosts and they can ruin your party.

    The players lost when all the ghosts are exterminated by the Ghostbusters or when a party does not get 3 stars.

    The game ends when all the players have passed for all the places in the map and give a party in the big mansion, being necessary to get more than 5 stars in this level.


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