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  • Results From Game Design Challenge: Halloween Haunts

    - Danny Cowan

  • Renan Yamao, Student at Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Paraná, Haunted Cards

    Title: Haunted Cards

    Genre: PvP Card game

    Number of players: up to 4

    Objective: Create the scariest haunted house in the neighborhood.

    Main mechanic: Card draft

    There's 3 different decks, one for rooms, one for monsters and one for events.

    Each player has a starting room that can connect up to 3 rooms

    The draft is divided in two phases:

    1st phase - Room draft

    All players draw 5 cards from the rooms deck, choose one card and then pass the others to the player to his left. Then the players choose another card from the 4 that they received. The process repeats until there's only one card left. The last card is discarded.

    2nd phase - monster draft

    Following the same logic as the room draft, the players will draw 5 cards, choose one and pass the others to the left until there's one card left. The last card is discarded as well.

    After drafting monsters and rooms each player has 10 cards and can place up to 5 cards on the board.

    The players can place rooms in any layout they wish to as long as the rooms have a connection point.

    The monsters must be placed inside a room, if a room matches the type of the monster the text on the cards become active.

    After all players setup their cards they discard the remaining five.

    Each monster has a base scary value of one, if the monster match type with the room they have a scary value of two.

    Every 2 turns one event is drawn from the events deck. The events may be something to remove a room, remove a monster, exchange rooms with another player, remove a room from another player, etc.

    After 10 turns the points are counted and the player with the most points win, in case of a draw the player with most matching rooms and monsters win.


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