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  • Results From Game Design Challenge: Halloween Haunts

    - Danny Cowan

  • Morgane Masson, QA Tester, The Ghost's Family

    The Ghost's Family: A 2D Horror typing god-like game

    Player starts with a six to ten sized happy family, and a bunch of house's staff members.

    As the local ghost, the player is in charge of the protection of the mansion. He can freely use the inhabitants in any way he wishes by adding ideas into their mind.

    Tasks will be given to the player. If he completes them, the player will receive a new power taking the shape of a new word to use on its people.

    The control

    Power of words: "Select someone; add words into its mind. See how it reacts. Enjoy."

    As time goes, people will act on their own and evolve depending on words the player gave them.

    Player chooses what they fear, what they enjoy. And can give them ideas (cheat, steal, take knife, play guitar, scream, what's in the living room, [insert name] is dead...) so they'll want to check this out, obey...or run away.

    The number of words per person is limited, and the ghost can't use the same word one everyone simultaneously, unless he has it twice.

    Player can freely add fear and mental illness to his lovely people, but he can also help them survive...

    The tasks

    Knowledge is power, literally.

    Complete objectives using your people to gain knowledges and more powers taking the shape of words.

    The tasks can be as simple as "guide one of your people on the rooftop" or "make one threaten another one"

    The word given as a reward will be stored with the others in a "bank of words".

    The enemies

    "In the darkness, creatures envy your position. They'll do anything to take your place"

    Your people will invite others to come home, from time to time. Or forget to close a window. The outsiders will enter your mansion one way or another. There is not much you can do about it.

    But you can make sure your people will throw the uninvited outside.

    Because if you don't, they may turn your family into cadaver, vampire or ghosts.

    As you can't control non-human being, once they turned into something unusual, they are gone forever. It takes only one bite.

    Thief, serial-killer, vampire, ghost, werewolf, weird friend, living objects, Death and innocents (include dogs, cats, random people, rats and pigeons), might come say hello anytime

    The player has to find a way to make them leave quickly, before its people suffer from it.

    You have very limited control over the monster breaking into your house (only humans, like thieves or killer may be partially controlled). But full control over your people. Use them wisely.

    When you've managed to make your family invincible, or managed to kill so many creatures the other are scared away, you win.

    When your whole family moves away from the house, dies or turns into something weird, you lose and get kicked out of the mansion. Some other ghost will do a better job.


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