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  • My Experience At PAX West With Indie Megabooth

    - Ross Przybylski
  • On my flight home from Seattle, I pondered over my time at PAX West where I had just finished showcasing my game, Summoners Fate, with Indie MEGABOOTH. The experience was so surreal it felt like a dream: chance encounters and passionate discussions that seemed to flow naturally together in a series of meaningful, interconnected events.

    The Journey Begins

    I was tired and uneasy the morning I left because I had been up late the night before fixing bugs I discovered in the demo. I was frantic on the plane as I worked against the clock of arrival and the battery life of my laptop. Then I arrived in Seattle and there was a driver waiting with my name on a sign. I didn't have to worrying about where I was going, I flowed as if on a gentle current. Stress began to melt away.

    This was thanks to my friend, Laura, who'd I met met several years back when we worked together at EA. She'd already anticipated the state I'd be in and had put an entire plan in motion to provide the support I would need to succeed at the show: a place to stay, time to polish the demo, introductions to her friends and rides throughout the area - including a stop for a signature Seattle hotdog. This is the delightful and heart-warming surprise of people I've met in the game industry: the lengths they go through to show their kindness and support. And this was just the first of many I would experience at PAX.

    Making it to the MINIBOOTH

    After spending the morning and early afternoon exploring the various PAX exhibits, I made my way to the Indie MEGABOOTH. Once there, I started talking with some of the other devs who were showing their games in the MINIBOOTH. I reached my hand out with excitement to Nicolás, another dev creating a game with CCG mechanics called Causa. "I'm so excited to meet another dev also working on a CCG!" I said. "I can't wait to hear about your stories and how you've solved problems in your game design." His face lit up with joy. It's a wonderful feeling to meet someone like this. They've experienced and dealt with the same challenges so you can connect and understand each other in a way other people can't.

    Our kiosk in the MINIBOOTH, ready to go!

    Up and early the next morning, I was anxious to meet folks exploring the expo and have them play my game. I had quite a scare when my demo wouldn't install, but the volunteers were quick to respond. The MEGABOOTH team and Pax enforcers are among the most amazing and courteous folks I've ever encountered. What could have been a very uncertain and trying experience was made easy with their constant support and reassurance. "Are you doing ok? Can I get you anything? Here's some cough drops, let me refill your water..." This is a level of service and care all organizations should aspire to.


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