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  • Results From Game Design Challenge: Safety First!

    - Danny Cowan

  • Briana Dinkins, Video Artist & Game Developer, Driving 101

    As you walk thru the DMV, with the door slamming behind leaving a thud vibration that overtakes your body.  Many feelings may tackle you as you make your way closer to having to take your driver's license test. Driving 101 is a game made to enhance the current driving test practices that occur at your local DMV's today, to ensure driving safety, and give people a better way to get ready for a driving test.  Driving 101 has a target audience for everyone eligible to take a driver's test. Driving 101 will be on different platforms to increase the availability of this game, including VR.

    This game includes a "Know your Sign" section & an actual simulated driving test where the player encounters the many possible scenarios that occur while driving & the standardized skills needed to be a safe driver.

    Game Play

    The "Know your Sign" section is the first section that will test the player's knowledge on traffic signs.  During this section a random choice of traffic sign's will appear.  First the player will need to correctly identify what the traffic sign is.  After identifying all road signs the player will now test their reaction time to roads sign.

    This will be played by a simulation of driving down a road with traffic signs randomly marked on the side of the road.  When the player approaches a sign, a flashing "KYS" will appear which initiates a timer.  The timer will start when the player accepts the challenge; to test the reaction time of the player.  The time taken to answer the question, will determine the amount of bonus points a player can receive.

    After completing the "Know your Sign" section, the player will now be able to advance to the actual simulated driving test or "SDT" section.  Before this section begins the player will choose a car.  (Bonus points won in the "Know your Sign" section will determine the choice of cars the player has).

    After the player selects their car, they are ready to begin the driving test.  The player will begin behind the wheel in a car (first person point of view).  During the driving test there will be a bundle of driving scenarios that are on the standardized test currently, which the player will need to the appropriate driving action to complete.

    Some examples of driving scenarios include how to drive in a roundabout, up & down hill parking, uncontrolled intersections, Y-turn, U-turn, parallel parking.  After completing all scenarios successfully, there is additional section that will unlock, that includes Winter Weather Safety for those that are located in states that include snow fall during the winter.

    After completing all sections of Driving 101, the player will then be prompt if they Passed or Failed, to go onto to the actual driving test with the instructor.  If the player fails, they must retake the section they failed over in order to move forward. 

    Example of game play during "Know your Sign", with flashing "KYS"

    Example of some of the Traffic signs that the player will encounter


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