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  • Results From Game Design Challenge: Safety First!

    - Danny Cowan

  • Hue Lorène, Student at Artfx School Montpellier, Oops!... I Burned It Again


    Oops!... I Burned it gain is Simulation Game, with a 3th person isometric view set in a 3D Cartoon universe, in a little corporate building.


    You play a character in different places at work. At the beginning of each game the character accidentally creates a start of fire by a different process. The fire quickly gain power, and the character must conduct a series of actions to save the other characters, and reduce the damage. But beware, it's dangerous. The character must finish his actions and leave the building before the end of the timer.


    1.    Fire:  Fire takes up space on the ground. It creates toxic smoke that fills the building. If the fire meets an electrical device, it gains in intensity.

    • Smoke:Affect the life of the character, and decreases the vision of the player/character in the building.

    2.    Objectives: A list of objectives is allow, and when the character accomplish one, he gain points to Increase his score.

    • Score:The scoring is illustrate with 1, 2 or 3 stars. Player gain score each time he/she accomplish an objective, and in function to the time use to finish the level.

    3.    Life: The character possess a life bar, affected by the smoke and the fire. Is the life bar is empty, the player is game over.

    • Game Over:The Game Over appear when the character's life is equal to 0, or if the character doesn't accomplish any of the objectives in the given time.

    4.    Timer: 3 Minutes. The character must accomplish objectives or leave the building before the end of this timer.

    5.    Actions:

    • Active thefire alarmto prevent fire department and others people in the building.
    • UseFire extinguisher, to turn off a small area in fire.
    • MoveElements on the way.
    • Crouch:Reduces the effects of smoke on the character's life.
    • Turn off Electricity:Prevents the fire from gaining intensity when it encounters electrical appliances. Decrease the view area of the character / player.

    6.      NPC/Others Characters: Some characters cannot hear the fire alarm, or are in a situation that does not allow them to escape.

    7.      Levels: Building, objectives and characters are different in each levels. Levels get bigger and become more complexes over games.


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