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  • Results From Game Design Challenge: Pool Party!

    - Danny Cowan

  • Briana Dinkins, Student at Herzing University-Madison, Float 2 Go

    Love swimming pools and floats?  Then Float 2 Go is the game to play.  Float 2 Go is a video game with a target audience of 10+.   Float 2 Go has both a single and a multi-player game mode, to bring racing games to a whole new level.  With a swimming pool setting, the player has the availability to upgrade & customize floats to help them win, but first after completing a pre-run around the pool.

    Game Play:

    Float 2 Go has two parts to each level that the player has to complete.  First, all players start out at a starting line at one end of the pool (start line will be indicated by yellow line).  After a countdown, the player must run around the two times pool before they are able to jump into the pool for the second part of the race.  If the player runs to fast, (example around corners) then there's a greater chance at falling and having to start back at the starting line.  A maximum time will be set in each level depending on the pool size. 

    Once the player has completed the race around the pool, they are now able to start the second part of the race.  In the second part of the player, the player will jump into the pool and swim to where there designated float is place.  Once the player reaches the float they will have to try to swim with the float to the other side twice before completing the level. When they complete this part the player with the best times wins.

    As the player advances within Float 2 Go, there will be obstacles place within the pool to have to avoid. Rubber ducks, tennis balls to name a few. If a player swims into an obstacle, there will be a deduction of 2 seconds per touch. 

    The player at the end of the race will be able to continue on to the next level of pools.  In beginning of Float 2 Go, the swimming pool will start out small and get bigger as the player advances.  In level one it will contain a "kiddie pool" size, and increase to an Olympic size pool.

    Customization of floats will come available to the player after completion of level 2 .  Customizing your float includes color, size, shape (animal), how much air is in the float & durability strength of the float.

    Basic Level layout

    Examples of floats


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