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  • Results From Game Design Challenge: Combat-Free Zone

    - Danny Cowan

  • Hippolyte Caubet, Amateur Independent Game Developer, A Place Among The Seas

    A place among the seas ; PC ; 3rd person ; MMO exploration & sand box

    Concept :

    A place among the seas is a game taking place in the ocean. "Domes" had been created under water and humans live in them. Iron suits had been designed for humans, making them able to move freely under water. You will play as a kaihanga. Your role will be to explore alone or with your friend the world around the dome, looking for resources or places where to build stations were all the players can come.

    Gameplay :

    The journey begin in the "starting dome", where you can walk. This zone is the place where every player can interact with each other. But the real game start when you reach the outside of the dome. You will be equipped a iron suit, allowing you to "fly" under water.

    You will be able to move fast, everywhere, shallower or deeper to see fabulous places and encounter a lot of different life forms.

    Your suit has a limited battery, you will be able to go outside for several hours but if this time is overpassed your player will die. Underwater ships will be available to go further and faster. They can be controlled alone or with an entire crew. Some ships will need a crew of 10 peoples for it to be controlled.

    You will be equipped a laser beam to gather resources used to build stations all around the map or new ships and suits. Theses stations will be opened to every player, but you can choose whether or not you want them to be able to modify the station. Theses stations will serves as relay points, where you can charge the battery of your suit and your ship.

    The more you go far from the dome, the more rare ressources you will find, necessary for the best suits and ships.

    There will be a lot of different stations than can be constructed. From the simple room where to charge your suit to the gigantic casino or aquarium. You will be able to build a city, or just get the best suit of the game to explore the deepest places of the sea.

    Features :

    • different servers with different "domes", for all the players to have space where to build or places to explore.
    • If a player takes too much time to build a station or just give up his construction, the construction will slowly be covered by the ocean flora
    • "Expert" servers, with ocean current that can destroy your construction and some fish who try to eat you
    • You will be able to take photo of the fishes or creatures you encounter. Somes species will be very rares and you will gain rewards for finding them.
    • Different suits, some faster, some can carry more resources etc...

    Become a Kaihanga, Explore the seas, Build the city of your dream

    Play A place among the seas


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