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  • Results From Game Design Challenge: Combat-Free Zone

    - Danny Cowan

  • Lorène Hue, Student at Artfx School in Montpellier, France, The Hidden Continent


    The Hidden Continent is a third person survival MMORPG set in a partial submerged Open World, with a medieval fantasy style.


    Characters must survive on the Continent by collecting resources and prevent the regular submersions of lands who partially destroyed resources. But if the community gathers its forces, they can prevent the flooding of the lands and push back the ocean to discover new territories and resources.


    1. World/Exploration: The Continent is regularly submerged by ocean. Lots of lands are already submerged and wait to be discovered. The lands are divides in several areas (landforms) and landforms are sub-divided (size around 1 kilometre).

    • Magic Pillar: Each sub-division possess Magical Pillar. This pillar must be activated by a determinate number of players.(not obligatory at the same time)
      • When pillars is activated, water is push out the sub-division.
      • Pillar is deactivated after some time, at this moment the water submerge lands.
    • Items like Magic Pillars: Players use magical objects to push to water around the character to moving forward. But each object has a limited effect (reach and time.)
    • Only lands in contact with the ocean are submerged.
    • Traps: Different types of natural traps are set in lands. Traps hurt characters, or damaged resources or push to use resources.

      Map evolve in function of the activation (or not) of any magic pillar. Some sub-division can be separeted to others and create islands.

    2. Events: Events are specials events who impact the Continent, like new disasters (Tsunami, violent submersion, etc...)

    3. Characters:

    • Players customized characters (genre, size, weight, etc...) and influence (positive ou negative) its beginning characteristics (Strength, Speed, Dexterity, Charisma, Intelligence).
    • Characters develop skills like Craftwork tools, Cooking, Explore, Build, Hunt, Fish, and Heal.
      • Craftwork allow enable to create items like Magic Pillars, and tools. And protection against the water. (Like Walls)
      • Possibility to build ship.
      • Build use resources to build constructions (houses, market, protections, mini-magic pillars, workshops, repair constructions) all construction to equip a new town.
    • Character consume resource to eat, to warm up, to craft items. When the character is hungry, thrifty or cold, he loses his life.
    • Characters are allow to swims during a short period. When he swims his body gets cools, and he loses life.

    4. Resources: The Continent provides resources like Food (Meat, Grains, Plants, Fish), minerals (iron, rocks), and woods. Players must manage resources and don't waste.

    • Each resources has a renewal time.
      Ex: When is tree is cut, it don't appear several seconds later. Tree need hours to grow up, like grains, fish and animals.
    • Players has the possibility to collect resources or collect seeds to plant and renew the resource. If seeds are planted, more resources are available to characters.
    • Each resources has a duration, after the resource is destroyed.
      Ex: Meat is obsolete after 2 days.
    • Each resources are collectable and use tocraft items.
    • Each area enable to collect new type of resources (crystal, minerals, foods)
    • Characters are allow to exchange resources and buy/send it.


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