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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: Teaming Up

    - Danny Cowan

  • Alex Thompson, University of Advancing Technology in Tempe, AZ, Iron Souls

    Iron Souls: A Competitive Cooperative / 3rd-Person / Action-RPG

    War is a thing of the past in the galaxy. It seems the events of The Great Scar were enough for all of the galactic governments to agree to disassemble their militaries and to commemorate such an occasion, they created the spectator combat competition known as the Iron Souls tournament.

    Originally, participants of the competition were ex-military veterans from wars past asked to represent their respective governments for the tournament. After several generations, the competition changed drastically. It soon became an outlandish and over-the-top affair of the most striking personalities and the most deadly mechanized suits.

    However, this ‘peace' is merely a facade for the general public. These governments may have disassembled their militaries, but they each have their own mercenary in the form of an Iron Souls pilot, and are often working with or against one another for the precious resource known as the Utopian crystals which were discovered shortly after The Great Scar and are now the main source of energy throughout the galaxy.

    Outside of the tournament, pilots of these Iron Souls are public symbols sent to assist poverty and disease stricken worlds. In actuality, these worlds are their battlegrounds and volunteers or natives alike are the fodder to farm the mysterious Utopian crystals.

    Iron Souls are separated by different types of mechanized suits with a wide array of unique weapons at their disposal. Often they must work together in order to be successful in accumulating Utopian crystals on the battlefield. In combat, when players are collecting Utopian crystals, they will be unable to perform any action for a few moments; so working as a team is crucial. In addition, players can consume a Utopian crystal to increase the power of their Iron Soul by unlocking its true power.

    Below are two Iron Soul examples:


    This Iron Soul uses a large ball and chain as its weapon. In addition to hurling the ball at its foes, Dead-Weight can also transfer the weight of the Iron Soul between the ball and the rest of it. This technique allows Dead-Weight to maneuver in unique ways by creating an anchor at either the ball or itself, or timing the skill to increase the amount of destruction caused.

    Six Feet Under

    Dead-Weight will charge the air in its immediate surroundings changing the particles into metal and shaping them together into a large ball and chain that grips and immobilizes anyone unfortunate to be caught in the blast."What a bunch of lightweights! Gyahaha!"


    This Iron Soul wields a multi-functional scythe to cut down and dismember its foes. This unique weapon is curved in such a way that Eclipse has the ability to catch and return projectiles aimed at the suit. The blade's edge is coated in acid, which not only allows Eclipse to cut through foes like paper but with Eclipse's innate speed and agility, it can create a barrier of acid around itself to deter foes.

    Waning Crescent

    Eclipse will spin its scythe so incredibly fast that it actually duplicates. Then it throws the two scythe in the air forming a crescent shape that projects a large beam of light downward under itself. Any Iron Soul caught underneath will explode into an area of effect acid grenade."What lies behind the shadow of the moon is your demise."


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