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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: Wild Wild Life

    - Danny Cowan

  • Juan Belón Pérez, Leopard in the Wild

    Monitor the leopard stats and control the animal.

    * Energy/Thirsty-Hungry Use the nearest river or water holes, avoiding crocodiles when you are drinking.
    Keep the animal well fed, depending on the hunger level, you can go hunt small animals - rabbits,...-, or bigger ones like boars or monkeys; if hunger is great, go for antelopes, bisons,etc.

    Using surprise is the key to your success, there are few opportunities for a kill and we need to be smart and fast -game mode changes and the hud too-. To do so, we can run 36 miles/h(58km/h),leap 20 feet(6m) forward in a single bound, and jump ten feet (3m) straight up, use these skills will drain the energy bar but if you succeed you will be rewarded.

    * Affection/Joy A real achievement is to make a friend of a lone lion and use this friendship to hunt animals that we can't hunt by ourselves, like a rhino. This implies a lot of playing with the lion, bars show current progresses. Once you have a partner, try to know the best moment to hunt together. If you try to use the friendship too soon to get boars but the other animal has no experience with them -because boars are faster,and so on-, the hunting will fail and they will evade you. If the lion is in joy-mode you will have to play games until the bar changes to another state. To improve this situation faster, find a member of the opposite sex and establish a relationship. Making a friend of your own kind is difficult, leopards are lonesome; try to use games and contact. If you have a pal,this animal will eat from your catch too.

    * Safety/Stealth Danger is specially important, if another lion shows up near you or your friend, it is a danger, your lions friends are temporary. There are many other things to avoid: elephants,packs of hyenas or wild dogs can kill leopards too. Use the smell of the sand to hide your scent by wallowing in it. Leopards are usually nocturnal, resting by day and hunting at night -game vision changes with camera filters and glow elements, like Alien vs Predator games-, they mix stealth and speed;  they can use a group of rocks to stealth from a group of boars and attack one as he passes.

    You can also bury the remains to prevent other animals from eating it, or use the trees with small prey like a baby antelope by climbing to the branches with it -balance game-: they can climb as high as 50feet(15m) up while holding a fresh kill in their mouth.

    * Experience/performance: integration with the environment Depending on the level (scene), sometimes the place is perfectly safe (natural reserve with temples in India) others are not. We need to capture our territory by marking our scent with urine.

    GFX+SFX: STATUS BARS(*) are minimalistic.

    Environment is a sandbox based on different ambient themes:  abandoned city, distant island, harmonious jungle. Cool sunsets, red sky, green land,night vision...

    I also made a prototype:


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