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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: Wild Wild Life

    - Danny Cowan

  • Joshua Gleason & Andrew Hanawalt, Toro Tempest

    An action heavy combat racer, in the vein of Burnout or Road Rash, that revolves around the Running of the Bulls.  A ongoing tradition that involves unleashing dozens of wild bulls that flood the streets of Pamplona, Spain every year.  In this game you take on the role of one of the most ruthless Bulls to ever grace the bloody streets of Spain.  Using your massive horns to gore and maul the panicked runners you compete against other bulls to rack up the most points before you reach the end of the run.  Points are accumulated by attacking runners and taking down other bulls.  Enough successful attacks coupled back-to-back will build into a combo, that will in effect multiply your points' value.  Points function as one of the gauges of success but also help build up your boost meter, that can in turn be used to increase your speed for limited periods of time or to engage in special attacks.  Although you play as a powerful killing machine you are vulnerable to take-downs yourself.  If your eyes are bigger than your horns and you hit too many runners without enough momentum you will lose your traction and go flying off the "course".  You are also vulnerable to attacks from other bulls who will try to beat you to the finish by any means necessary.  Get to the end of the track in one piece with most points and you will win the game.  Each successful win will give you a certain amount of in game currency that you will use to upgrade and pimp out your bull(s) and even unlock new ones.


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