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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: Space is the Place

    - Danny Cowan

  • Josh Douglas, Herzing University, The Quest for the Dinosaur Overlord

    Platform: Playstation 4

    Genre: Fighting/Rpg

    Setting: A planet run by dinosaurs beset with political intrigue, all assets have the appearance of being cut out of cardboard.

    Gameplay: You choose a dinosaur to vie for the title of Overlord; you must fight, campaign and buy your way to the top.

    You start by choosing your issues which determine your path while leveling up, healthcare for the healer role, environment for the fighter role, and education for the rogue role. You gain levels through various activities such as debates (sometimes resulting in fighting), conspiracy (only if you don't get caught), lobbying, and giving speeches. You gain points for your given role by completing these tasks with a high enough score in the public poles.

    You work your way up through the different offices by public vote, or by becoming the second seat and then eliminating the head person in office either through planting seeds of unrest in the public resulting in impeachment, in this case that means death, by going in straight for the kill which could lead to losing points in the public pole, or by waiting out their term while building on you platform. Once you reach the office of Overlord you must then try to keep it as long as possible.

    Features: There will be an offline and online mode where players will compete with each other only the top ranked people will be able to participate in the elections and the rest of the players will have to vote for one of the candidates. The online version will allow the people in office to set tax rates and they will also be able to challenge any and all other players in office. All offices below the Overlord office will have limited term and will have to keep their ratings up if they wish to participate in the next election. At any given time the players not in office can cast a vote of no confidence and try to impeach the player office by a trial of combat. There will also be an offline global leader board for each office that will show how long and rating a player has for that given office.


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