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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: Space is the Place

    - Danny Cowan

  • Kiên Nguyễn Vũ Trung, Eat2envovle

    Dear human in the planet called by Earth,

    I'll tell you about my planet named ... uh ..ah... Whatever. On the Whatever planet it's only one spices called Alpha but never, ever have two indentical Alpha, because we are constantly evolving. We eat to envovle. Well, I just ate a guy who designs games that earth.

    And the Game.

    Name: Eat2envovle ( Eat to envovle)

    Genre:RPG (Multiplayer Arena)


    Player rolling a little Alpha, weak and small. For survival that Alpha must grow up and envolved. Mirrcale is if player eat another Alpha, him got ability and body shape of victim.

    You've know on the Earth,

    - Turltle got a big tortoiseshell but monkey can climb trees.
    - Eagle got wings but fish can live in water
    - Some spices got sharp tooths but some spices got horns

    In Whatever you can got every ability you want. But you must try to survival long enough to get them.

    Core gameplay:

    - Atack another Alpha > Eat them > Absorption Ability>Level up


    - Health: equivalent to damage you can get, incrase when envovle, abosorp,eat... decrease when attacked, acident...
    - Attack:equivalent to damage you can make.
    - Absorption: time you keep ability of other alpha you eaten.
    - Digest:time you completely digest the food eaten. ( if it = 0 you can't recovery and possibly die)
    - Envovle: EXP you get to envovle ( depending on level)
    - Recovery:equivalent to re-fill your health.


    Absorption rulle - You got 03 slot to eat other Alpha. when you eat them you will have the possibility of them until they were completely digested.

    Envovle rulle - When you get enough EXP you envovle. You must choise 1 ability and keep it to next level, that ability belong to your body and shape.All absorption slots been clear.

    Level Rulle: Max at level 6. 

    Game mode:

    Single Play mode ( Endless Survirval):

    - Player start in the jungle created by system with terran, Alpha Animals and Alpha Plant, something else...
    - Max level = 6. In that level you can make a lair and family, born some child.Choise one to play more. Child has random gen and ability you get.
    - Play when you can't play anymore. Multi Play mode ( Arena)
    - Player start in the jungle created by system with terran, Alpha Animals and Alpha Plant, something else...(limited animals)
    - Max at level 6 but can't birth anything.
    - Kill all others players to win.
    - Think some Strategy 

    That's my idea
    Thank for read it.
    P/S: I'll eat a artist later.


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