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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: Space is the Place

    - Danny Cowan

  • Megan Shaw, Freelance VFX / Concept Artist, Nurture

    Nurture is a story about a young four-armed, female alien, whose secluded village is about to become the center of attention for neighboring planets. Truruen discovers another alien from one of these planets inside a crashed ship. He is dying, and he has a mission that cannot fail. With no one else to continue it, he grabs her arm, and strange little specs crawl out of her skin and into hers. She finally manages to pull away and runs off the ship, but the sudden pain and strange feeling causes her to pass out. When she awakens, she realizes she's not alone. The specs are now part of her, and introduce themselves as "Nanospecs", tiny nanobots that must travel within a host until delivered to a special, hidden sanctuary where they can grow so they may return to their planet and save it from destruction.

    Truruen's planet will be explored through a third-person view in a 3D adventure atmospheric game, giving the player the chance to feel as if they're part of this world. Each level will feature new challenges, powers gained for the Nanospecs, and unlock secrets on their origins. Enemies will include the environments dangerous wildlife as well as aliens from neighboring planets who wish to do harm to these Nanospecs. To survive, the player must utilize the following:

    • Two sets of arms: The character's upper-set of arms are stronger and used for combat or moving heavy objects, and the lower set are best for delicate work (such as rewiring of enemy ships or weapons).
    • Memory Salvaging: The Nanospecs may temporarily leave their host to dig around for specific memories of the recently deceased. Performing this on living beings is too hectic.
    • Nano-Shield: The Nanospecs can create a shield to protect Truruen for a few seconds when needed. If this lasts longer than four seconds, then her energy along with the Nanospecs will begin to drain. To recover, she must find hidden drops of this special life force. Up to three vials of this may be collected and stored for later use.
    • Seek: The character may go into a meditative state to communicate with the Nanospecs and seek guidance on where to go next, be given clues on her task at hand, and learn about where they came from.

    Each level will introduce new skills and items to enhance combat abilities, provide extra health and power boosts, and contain side quests that have special rewards. Weather changes will also affect the gameplay: rainfall will cause blurred vision, snow will reduce speed, and hot climates will cause energy to be lost overtime.

    The player must travel through rough terrains and odd lands, all while utilizing survival skills to help the Nanospecs and help a neighboring planet be saved from an unknown force of destruction.


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