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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: Space is the Place

    - Danny Cowan

  • Amy George, Student at the University of Montevallo, Atmos

    Atmos is a single player sci-fi horror game. You are Salha Urahu, the head immigrations officer on Planet 2-B in the Solanus system, known more widely as Rahnak.  Life is the same day in, day out on this dry planet. The blue sun rises and sets, species visit and leave. But something is about to change.

    Native scientists have been working since the colonization of Rahnak to create a chemical mist that would make the atmosphere breathable and allow Rahnakians to expand beyond their protective residence domes onto the open planet. The chemical was released inside Salha's home, Dome C, as the final test to ensure its effectiveness and safety before spreading it planet wide. It has been pumped into Dome C from an inside scientific facility for the past three solar cycles with no negative effects to anyone. Or so it was thought.

    The Rahnakian people have noticed sudden changes in the some of xenos species that have been living on-planet. Many have been acting strangely lately, as if they don't know who or where they are. Memory loss is widespread. They have become unexpectedly vicious, even psychotic, and move erratically. It is only happening in those who have been around as long as the mist has.

    Not long after initial symptoms, xenos species begins to mindlessly attack others, and Dome C collapses in a haze of death and intense confusion. The violent behavior becomes known as "Atmos Sickness". The Rahnak government quarantines Dome C, deems it a dead zone, and refuses to keep contact with no explanation. Trapped and with no help coming, you have no choice but to discover the real story behind the Atmos sickness, its selectiveness, and if it can be stopped.

    The primary goal of Atmos is to break into the scientific facility in the center of the Dome, then locate the atmosphere generation facility to shut down the mist in any way possible, end the nightmare and save the xenos.

    Salha has an extensive knowledge of xenos species because of her work. Access her knowledge and exploit the natural weaknesses in the xenos types (ex: long tentacles obstruct movement through debris) then use them to escape while completing missions and helping or harming other survivors.

    The Atmos are sick, not evil, but they will hurt Salha badly if she's seen. The surroundings of Dome C can be used as weapons, however, the Atmos can and will overpower her, so avoid them if you can and run. Weapons only serve to stall for a few moments, and she doesn't want to hurt them since she's trying to save them!

    Strategy is an extensive component in Atmos. Companions must be chosen wisely, as must hiding places and routes through the city. Some Rahnakians will betray you or choose to sacrifice you in hopes of saving themselves. Others have skills or information that can be useful to you. Choose your path wisely, and cure your world.


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