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  • Key Features Of Stealth Games [10.13.20]
  • img Ludovic Servat highlights the gameplay elements and task loops that make stealth games appealing and impactful for players.
  • How To Measure Fun For Game Designers [10.08.20]
  • img Can fun be measured on a quantitative scale? Roman Szomolai explains how player enjoyment can be tested and estimated during the design process.
  • Postmortem: Neon Climber [10.06.20]
  • img Nikita Pavlov looks back on the creation of the mobile action game Neon Climber, his team's first release as an independent studio.
  • Scope: Maintaining Focus [10.01.20]
  • img Levon Demurchyan delivers advice regarding scope creep, explaining how producers, managers, and teams can keep their projects from spiraling out of control.