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  • Notes From A Game Writer: Indie To AAA [05.16.19]
  • img Denius-Sams Gaming Academy fellowship recipient Danny Homan retraces the path he followed in establishing a career as a professional games writer.
  • Level Design Principles: Familiarity [05.09.19]
  • img Mateusz Piaskiewicz reflects on the core elements of effective level design, explaining how implementing familiar experiences into gameplay can empower players.
  • How To Prepare For Your First Game Expo [05.02.19]
  • img Natalie Mikkelson shares advice for showcasing your game at an expo booth, including a helpful checklist for travel and first-day preparations.
  • A Beginner's Guide to User Testing [04.30.19]
  • img Kongregate's Janessa Olson presents a first-timer's guide to user testing, offering up advice, best practices, and resources for getting the most from evaluation sessions.