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  • Book Review: AI Game Development [04.06.04]
  • In contrast to other AI books that have a tendency towards contrived examples, Lloyd finds AI Game Development to offer robust, concrete solutions that offer today's game developers real insight into creating interesting worlds.
  • Book Review: Graphics Programming Methods [03.23.04]
  • In Graphics Programming Methods, Jeff Lander has compiled and edited a first-rate collection of articles on animation, geometry, and rendering--says Justin Lloyd.
  • Book Review: Chris Crawford On Game Design [03.16.04]
  • Justin Lloyd devours Chris Crawford's treatise about game design. He finds the book exceptional in almost every regard, finding its principal shortcoming that it is not long enough.
  • Book Review: Game Coding Complete [03.09.04]
  • This week, Justin Lloyd reviews Mike McShaffry's Game Coding Complete, and while he finds it an enjoyable read, it is also lacking in some of the depth he would have expected.