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  • Book Review: Chris Crawford on Interactive Storytelling [04.18.05]
  • Brad Kane takes a look at Chris Crawford on Interactive Storytelling, commenting that the book "is a comprehensive treatment of a topic that continues to be of interest to game designers and storytellers alike."
  • Book Excerpt: Programming a Multiplayer FPS in DirectX [04.11.05]
  • Culling (sometimes called hidden surface removal) serves to reduce engine workload resulting in higher framerates. This excerpt from Programming a Multiplayer FPS in DirectX explores a variety of culling methods.
  • Book Excerpt: The Game Asset Pipeline [02.21.05]
  • In this extract from book The Game Asset Pipeline, author Carter discusses multiple facets of managing asset processing, from dependency-based issues through use of the make tool, finishing by suggesting a range of tips for making robust tools.
  • Book Excerpt: A Theory of Fun for Game Design [12.03.04]
  • In Raph Koster's book A Theory Of Game Design, Sony Online's chief creative officer discusses how "games train us to see underlying mathematical patterns," and suggests some new ways to look at the concept of fun when creating games.
  • Book Excerpt: AI For Game Developers [11.22.04]
  • In O'Reilly's book AI for Game Developers, Bourg and Seeman run through some practical examples of rule-based AI, highlighting specific explanatory code relating to strike prediction for fighting games.
  • Book Review: The Art of Machinima [10.20.04]
  • Brad Kane looks in-depth at Paul Marino's new Paraglyph Press book 3D Game-Based Filmmaking: The Art of Machinima, commenting on this "thorough introduction" to making machinima, DIY real-time cinemas using game engines.