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Managing Student Game Development Teams

Adam Moore outlines the many challenges students face when working as a game development team, and offers some workable solutions.

125 Things I Learned While Developing Games

HKU University of the Arts Utrecht student Steven Honders offers his perspective on game development, offering dozens of tips for aspiring creators.

The Top 4 Questions to Ask When Chasing Your First Engineering Gig

Dominic D'Aleo outlines four crucial questions that engineering candidates should ask during their first interview.

Design 101: Emotional Alignment

In the latest installment of his Design 101 series, Dan Felder outlines the emotional elements of games that keep players engaged throughout.

Four Memory Problems to Watch Out for in Game Development

Loon Games Studio's Aditya Kulkarni outlines some common memory problems that trip up fledgling developers, and explains how you can avoid them.

Results from Game Design Challenge: Before They Were Stars

What were your favorite video game characters up to before they set out on their adventures? Our readers rewrite history as part of our latest Game Design Challenge.

Vancouver Film School

The one-year Game Design program at Vancouver Film School covers everything students need to thrive in the game industry, from game theory to coding to portfolio production.

  • Game Design Challenge: Passive Aggression [10.06.15]
  • img Violence is typically a shortcut to achieving in-game goals, but can you design a game in which non-violence is an option? Test your skills in our latest Game Design Challenge.