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3 Questions That Will Help You Make a More Engaging Experience

Felipe Lara offers up three questions that game designers should ask themselves in order to create more engaging and satisfying experiences.

5 Productivity Hacks for Indie Game Developers

Want to maintain a productive schedule for a solo project? Damian Wolf has tips that will help you stay motivated while working on your own.

Training Design Students to Tackle Art Issues with Prototypes

KDU UC professor Hilmy Rahim recalls a series of projects in which game design students triumphed over challenges stemming from limited or unusable art assets.

How To Start Your Game Company: 5 Tips

Sara Casen offers up a case study that details the founding of indie developer Midnight Hub, outlining the key factors involved in launching a successful studio.

Results from Game Design Challenge: The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Game Career Guide's readers put a new spin on holiday traditions from around the world in these winning entries for our latest Game Design Challenge.

Game Design Challenge: A Trip Through Time

Time travel plays a role in many memorable games, from classics like Chrono Trigger to more recent hits like Life is Strange. Can you design the industry's next time-hopping epic?

Showcasing Our Indie Game At Events: A Strategy

Are you planning to show off your game at an industry event? These tips from Sand Sailor Studio's Andreea Vaduva will help you impress the crowds.

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  • img Need to quickly pitch your game idea to a professor, partner, or publisher? Try writing a 'One Page' document using these tips from David Osorio.