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Pressing Play: Advice from Women About Starting in the Games Industry

In this Q&A feature, Katie Gall and Lauren Clinnick ask women in the video games industry for tips and advice aimed at newcomers pursuing a career in the field.

Postmortem: Vanishing Point

Kevin Wong looks back on his experience as the lead designer for the 2015 USC Advanced Games Project Vanishing Point.

Developer Interview: Asher Einhorn

In this Q&A feature, Game Career Guide asks designer Asher Einhorn about his background, his inspirations, and the circumstances that led him to pursue game development as a career.

Design 101: The Structure of Fun

The third entry in Dan Felder's Design 101 series takes a look at the critical event structure that drives gaming narratives and dictates gameplay pacing.

Four Memory Problems to Watch Out for in Game Development

Loon Games Studio's Aditya Kulkarni outlines some common memory problems that trip up fledgling developers, and explains how you can avoid them.

Results from Game Design Challenge: Insect Invasion

In these winning entries for our latest Game Design Challenge, Game Career Guide's readers craft game concepts in which players control insects in an oversized world.

Vancouver Film School

The one-year Game Design program at Vancouver Film School covers everything students need to thrive in the game industry, from game theory to coding to portfolio production.

  • Game Design Challenge: Before They Were Stars [09.01.15]
  • img What were Mario and Luigi up to in the days before they set foot in the Mushroom Kingdom? Tell us about your favorite character's early years in our latest Game Design Challenge!
  • Seriously Underestimating Serious Games [08.27.15]
  • img Kevin Morris offers a postmortem analysis of a student-led serious games project sponsored by the psychological department at Southern Methodist University.
  • platinum Full Sail University --Winter Park, FL 
  • Full Sail University
    Named one of the Princeton Review’s top schools for Game Design in 2015, Full Sail University offers Bachelor's Degrees in Game Art, Game Development, Game Design (Online), and a Master's in Game Design.