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Question What Course?

Hello All, this is my first post on this forum so be nice?

I am very interested in becoming a game developer or a producer

I am currently living in Scotland and for my university choices i have selected management courses and one course specific to game production

my top two choices currently are
BA (Hons) Game Design & Production Management - At Abertay University (
Management with Human Resource Management - At Heriot-Watt University

Now my question is would i be better taking the Management course at Heriot-Watt, building experience outside of the games industry and try and break in later in life? or should i take the course in Game design and Production Management and hope there will be some kind of job at the end?

I Know its a bit of an obscure question and i know I'd rather take the Game design and Production management course but i just don't know what kind of jobs there will be at the end of the course

any advice/criticisms are welcome
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Bearing in mind that a producer is not an entry level role, the non-games specific course sounds like a better option to me.
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Associate Producer or Production Coordinator are entry level roles. But I agree with Yaustar, take the non-game related course and then just make sure you intern with game companies.
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