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Default What is most popular for game studios right now Maya or Max

What is most popular for game studios right now Maya or Max? I have a friend that works at Ubisoft Montreal, and he insisted Max is probably slightly used more where as Maya is very popular along the west coast. I had another friend who told me the complete opposite, and that Max increasingly becoming phased out for game development since Maya dropped their price point and its open code to create your own tools. Others say its 50/50 but tipping towards one or the other.

I know it will vary by geography, and by a studio by studio case, this is just in general.

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Impossible to answer unless you know someone working at every studio. I will admit that I haven't seen Max being used for a while although I reckon it is a roughly even split as they both still get some chatter.
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We use Max.
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My studio uses max. It playes nice with Unity Though I think Maya does as well.
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It just depends where you are. I spent 3 years at a game service studio where we were contracted by a lot of different developers. Many studios used Maya (SCEA, Naughty Dog, Vivendi Universal, Midway) and several used Max (Epic, Vicious Cycle)
I'm now using Maya exclusively at my current job.
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learn one and master it then dabble in another one to get a hang of it. To be honest both have different spots they are good at but I always believed it comes down to the artist them selves not there tools. Both can do either job just different prove your the better artist and people will ask for you. If they really want you they will train you to use what they use in house.
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Master One of them, and picking up the other won't be that hard, it took me 2 years to really start getting the hang of Maya (I've been using Maya for over 4 years now), but I picked up Max in 4 months.

I like Max's Modeling tools better than Maya, Maya is pretty lacking in basic tools, so Maya is really only great when you got a lot of tools for it. Max has a bunch of good tools out of the box, but I do prefer Maya's UV tools to Max's.
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Lightbulb Re: What is most popular for game studios right now Maya or Max

you can find some answers on evermotion:

and cgsociety:

hope this helps.
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Default Re: What is most popular for game studios right now Maya or Max

This is supreme necroing of a long-dead thread. I'm closing the thread.
Supreme, if you are not a spammer, do not revive long-dead threads again.
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