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Hello everyone

My name's Elisabeth 19 years old Polish girl living in Spain pursuing the dream of being a concept artist or an illustrator
You could say I'm a crazy girl, daydreamer, a HUGE video game freak and anime/manga fan

I can't really tell anything about my studies, because of my own fault being a daydreamer all the time, studying is not my strength and I fail at it xD
I'm still pretty weak at art (I think so though) but I try my best :3

If I ever manage to become a concept artist, I would love to be one for MMORPG's or a single player 3D game, but for me, I can even draw for 2D art

That's all mates!
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Welcome to the forums!
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Welcome to the GameCareerGuide community!
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Hello and welcome, I know your pain lol I spent most of high school trying to figure out where to start XD though I might be in a slightly better situation lol, I managed to get some studies just never kept with it
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Default Re: Hey

Hi guys,
im just new here and Thanks for the information, my son is into gaming and im finding a good book for him, as a present for his birthday. I saw a good selection of books on one of the posts here but cannot make a reply because its closed already. Thanks anyway.
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Default Re: Hey

It's ok not to be the greatest in school as long a as you're doing your best. Always remember that the best asset one can acquire is the wit he/she can ingest in a conversation.
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