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Lightbulb Looking for a few good men/women

Hello, I'm currently learning Unity and texturing/modeling in Wing 3D

The Project

The game is going to be made using the unity engine.

Current name for the project is Lost Time, although that's probably taken we are still deciding on the name.

The goal for this will be to have fun learn a whole lot and if we are lucky maybe make something worthy of selling (I will not try to sell crap )

What we have:

I have started a small team of 3 myself included I have a concept artist and a graphic design artist, I am jack of all trades as they say, I have been working with unity for about a week now and have a few game mechanics working but I'm looking for a few other people who might be interested in helping out and having fun

at the current state I have the damage system and day/night cycle in place but lack of c3 models are holding me back from working on the weapon switching and inventory as well as crafting systems.

Who am I:

I have been a computer tech/IT specialist for over 8 years now and I often dabble in different things such as coding, graphic design, website development and so on, and now I have decided I want to make a video game, I have always wanted to do something like this since I was young and now I believe I have the skillset to at least make something I can be somewhat proud of.

What we need:

I'm looking for someone who may or may not be familiar with unity but has some basic knowledge of game development and I mean basic.

I would ask for experienced people but truth be told you would probably get bored or have to teach a lot lol

We also need someone with some experience in 3d modeling such as Maya, 3ds max or wing 3d

We also need a Level design artist concept art for some levels is already in the works.

Note: at the moment the most needed asset to our team is a 3d artist.

Please keep in mind if you have any of these skills no mater how basic they may be we are willing to take you in, after all one of the main goals with this project is the experience it can bring.

Please note you should not ask to join if you are trying to make money off of this once again this is only to have fun and learn if you are ok with that the please let me know
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