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Lightbulb Free idea: campus food illness mapping, if you're looking for a coding project

I don't have the coding skills to carry this out, but I really think there ought to be an app like FourSquare BUT for the purpose of tracking food poisoning and obvious OSHA violations at a grassroots, FourSquare community level.

Not that I'm currently fighting food-bourne illness, heh. But I often see things left out for too long at a local college cafeteria, and you know they ignore your comment cards when it comes to day to day whining that isn't about asking them to put healthier meal options on the menu or use more sustainable seafood. With an app, schools and food companies could see the whining add up and have to be held accountable the way law enforcement in big cities has been since the advent of crime mapping.

I think it should mostly work like FourSquare, allowing you to check in and tag your check-in with an icon for the disgusting thing you saw there; e.g. salad bar with wilted leaves left out on ice for too long, suspect employee hygiene, tables dirty, meat that isn't roast beef put under a heat lamp for hours, etc.

A quick Google tells me that this is done at the national recall level, but I don't see anything grassroots and FourSquare-y in the results. I wonder what the keywords would be... food illness tracking? food sick map? worst food ever? hands not washed here?

Anyway, I could make map icons myself and had a notion of trying to figure out how to use Google Maps to put something together, but my programming skills really aren't up to it. So, I just want to release the idea into the world and hope somebody runs with it.

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