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Default Looking for Artist for Game

Hey guys,

I'm making a language-learning game for a website, and need an artist.

The game is basically a feature-rich lobby to help American and Chinese students learn each other's languages. If you want to know more, you can go to the devlog here.

As far as art goes, it needs a fun, simple look. Maybe cute? Most of the work will be drawing various clothing/hair/faces to let the users customize their in-game appearance.

I'm getting paid to make the game, so I'll pay the artist, but we'll negotiate that.

The game is going to be part of a new language-learning service, so a lot of people will see your art if we end up working together

Here's some concept art:
Bo B.
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Default Re: Looking for Artist for Game

For some reason the reply I just posted disappeared, so here it is again ..

I have been browsing this forum for a while because I am longing to get a job in the gaming industry later on in my life. My best bet would be to start creating my own portfolio (with examples of my drawing work) but I found out I need a motivation to start working on it. And communal projects are just the thing for me to start working on something like a portfolio for later gaming schools.

If you invite me to your project (which I'd like too), you will need to be prepared to guide me wherever necessary and to give me some tips. I am definitely up for the job and very enthusiastic about this ... and I do understand that a possible fee will my low (if at all).

Know that I am just a beginner and that I will have to work on my drawing skills, but if you explain what should be made I can ensure work will be delivered on time and as perfect as I can.

Thanks for giving me this opportunity,
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