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Location: tas australia

Name: Alexander nolan
Job: mechatronics(robot) engineer

Id like to throw my hat in as coordinator for this ive experience in project management and programming from my degree as well as a major in english lit because i could.

To those reading this anyone who really want in email me with your details and experience ill contact you through google wave and once we have at least ten people discussion and work will star on the primary design documents outlining genre, mechanics, story and the game we want to make and the roles of each person within the team.
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Name: Ender Martin
Other details: Lead Designer for a small indie team currently working on our first project - a Facebook game.

I like the spirit of this thread and it sounds like a good idea. But like many theoretical ideas, the trick is getting them to work in real life. I am working on the challenge of getting my team's own game to release, but I would like to follow the project from this thread and contribute if I can. From my own experience, the challenge to building a good game is not coming up with a good game idea, but actually making the game (coding, animating, etc). Like the saying goes, "10% inspiration and 90% perspiration". Still, it's worth some effort to get the ball rolling and if there is momentum and just the right slope, maybe it will roll all the way to the goal.
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