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Arrow PlayStation Beyond seeking writers

I posted this in the writing forum but, as it's not a paid position, it probably fits better here? Here you go:

PlayStation Beyond is a growing fansite, dedicated to throwing all the banter you'd want from a PlayStation community at you. We've already managed to do quite well for ourselves, given the size of our team.

The website is PR4 at the moment, and our work featured on a handful of sites already. This means that your passion for writing and being part of a gaming community will not be stored in some dark corner of the internet - your work will gain the maximum exposure! We've also got offers for deals that will gain us even more of the limelight, but in order to do that we need to ramp up the content, thus more writers to create it.

Unlike some small gaming sites, PSBeyond is run by professional website developers and edited by professional creative writers. Though the site isn't our primary career path, we are glad to put our skills into building a great community - one that you could soon be a part of.

Anyone who wishes to join our team will be taken on as a volunteer. Where we are right now, PSBeyond is only making enough money to cover itself. However, all content per user is tallied up on our system - so should the site come into sponsorship in the future, we'll reimburse our valued staff for their efforts in helping us grow.

We are currently looking for:

Reviewers: Primarily we need reviewers who will be able to cover games that are not already in our database (link), and especially help us cover recent upcoming releases - no matter how popular or unpopular the game is. We just want your opinion. Ideally, reviewers would be able to write previews as well. Video reviews are also highly appreciated and something we're looking to branch out to.

News writers: We don't just want to know what's going on in the world of Sony, we want to know what you feel about it. The Sony CEO said there'd be no price cuts. So what? It's his job to say that, isn't it? Else no one would buy their currently overpriced PS3s until the prices do fall! If you would have left that at "no price cuts," you're not what we're looking for. If you would've gone further to tell us what a lying %@*^ that CEO is, we may need to tame you a little, but you sound about right for us.

PlayStation geeks: You could spend your entire week locked indoors and tear a PS3 apart with your bear hands, putting it back together as a domesticated pet dog with awesome blu-ray functionality. And what's more, you're proud of it. We want to be proud of you too, so we're offering you a column in which you you tell the world, even gloat a little, how you do the wondrous things you do. Tutorials can be about absolutely anything you want, and in any viable medium, as long as they're in some way related to Sony consoles.

Community leaders: Do you like to spark intelligent discussion about the gaming industry? Has a certain game got you so hooked that you have to ramble endlessly about a single moment? Or do you just want to join in with the console war [let's face it, we all do now and again]? Our forum is just the place for you!

If you're interested in any of these positions, please don't hesitate to email me.

And even if you're not interested, please join up to the forums and join in the banter!

[Also, the site's currently being modernised. You won't notice it until we switch to our new system, but we're fixing the way certain things like comments, forum integration, content presentation, and a whole load of other things work. We should be all set next week!]
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