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Default Looking for a Web Designer

Team name:
Jackhammer Studios, LLC.

Brief description:
The game is an action/adventure experience which allows the player to switch between first and third person views at any time. The project is being developed on a certain 4th-gen engine, so the website will need to be as visually appealing and act as smooth as the game does.

I won't discuss the game's middleware at this time, but the web design will need forums attached to the site as well as the other common features. We have our own FTP and email accounts set up already, so there won't be much background work necessary.

Talent needed:
Just need a web designer for now.

Team structure:
We have 14 members including myself, sporting over 60 years of combined industry experience and about 10-12 AAA titles. We've adopted a professional development pipeline and work with milestones using agile/scrum methodologies.

This is where you come in!


Email your portfolio/resume to lehmanz [at]

Additional Info:
This is considered a non-paid position. Instead of stating you'll get a "percentage of the revenue", which we are at least a year off from beta anyways, we will shower you with our industry contacts and teach you the business side of game development as well as the pipeline.


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Thanks for your responses guys. This position is now closed. Check back here though as we might have more openings soon!
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