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Lightbulb My first video game!

Quite a while I’m working on my product “Poppy and Rose” which you can download it here:
The game is made in the program language Delphi 6 and I hope that it will take your attention.
Please, after you try the game and study it a little bit, if you can answer the following questions:
- How can I find a video game tester, the best case is that to be some volunteer who will test the game and it will give me critics about the game.
- How is your opinion for the essential value of the game?
- What do you think about the UI of the game (it is made in Delphi 6), can I make it better and can I get some suggestions of how can I do that?
- In which category will you put this game (maybe puzzle!)?
- Is there any company that in cooperation with me can commercialize the game?
- I think that playing on this video game in network can be a real challenge! Do you think same?

Thank you,
Janev Blagoj
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Look for hobby developers and modders to test the game and come on board. The key feature of a game developer is their ability to work (or lead) a team. Take a look through and see if you can find someone who's keen to join on board.

A publisher would also want to see not only a good concept but a good team. The pitch is really important. Networking is really the best way with which to find a publisher, you need to establish good relationships with publishers well in advance of making a pitch.

Good luck!
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