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Default Looking for Artists and Programmers to Create a 2D Action Platformer

Hello, GCG community! I'm on an epic quest seeking willing individuals to partake in an adventure into game development for fun and... More fun! I'm seeking talented folks to help create a relatively simple yet still unquestionably awesome 2D Action Platformer, and through this post I call out to you, unquestionably talented reader, to see if you'd like to assist me in this escapade, which is elaborated upon below! But first, a few brief formalities...

Team name: Team Gumball

We at Team Gumball are an entirely new upstart game development team that brings a limited skillset to an unlimited amount of (what we believe are) great ideas. In order to help get these ideas off the ground, we've come seeking more talented and/or experienced individuals. Why should you join Team Gumball for this project? For the experience of development and full credit for your work, of course!

Project name: Tie Dye (Formerly Tie Fighter)

Tie Dye, as previously mentioned, is a 2D Action Platformer hearkening to the classics of this genre such as Mega Man or Castlevania. In it, players control Mac Johnson, a data entry worker at ClipCorp, a company that sells paperclips (and eeeeeevil!) one day gets fed up with his monotonous existence and decides to resign. However, the brainwashed employees of ClipCorp may have objections to his resignation. Armed with his trusty tie-whip, Mac must fight his way through scores of foes to finally turn in his 2-weeks-notice.

Tie Dye has been in on-and-off development for a little over a year now, first conceived as a simple 30-minute long beat 'em up (at the time referred to as "Tie Fighter" in reference to the Star Wars vehicle). Tie Dye today remains true to its not-terribly-lengthy roots while still adding a bit more depth to what was initially a bare-bones experience. After losing out programmer, however, and enthusiasm for animating the many sprites needed in this game on our own began to dwindle, Tie Dye's development began to stagnate. It was recently revived in terms of design ideas, but actual work getting done on the project (apart from audio and music) has become quite unlikely with no skilled programmer or artist in our ranks.

Tie Dye is planned to be around an hour in total gameplay length (not accounting for additional modes and features), with six levels and bosses in total. Each level boss has their own tie which Mac can take from them upon their defeat and add to his arsenal. Ties like the Grapple Tie and the Reflector Tie can add additional design elements to each level as well as spicing up combat and allowing for additional enemy types that can only be defeated with the use of a certain tie, or several ties in cooperation.

The visual style is meant to be animated and expressive, if a bit dull to start with (after all, an ongoing theme of the game is adding color back into the life of the protagonist). As the game progresses, Mac's attire gradually brightens, as do his surroundings to reflect the mood of his workplace improving.


We're looking to release this game on PC's through online freeware distribution (likely through a website dedicated to the game). Initially, the game was programmed in GameMaker, and the visuals were being created in GIMP, but if a newcomer wishes to use a different program to create any in-game content, it should be noted that these formats are currently still open for discussion.

Talent needed:

Since we're currently lacking programmers and artists, those are the key people we're looking for. Additionally, musicians and other audio designers are welcome to inquire about this project, but are of a lesser priority.

Team structure:

Currently, Team Gumball consists of three people.

Garrett Thompson: Simply put, me. I'm the lead designer on this project as well as the writer, but it's not beyond my skills to assist with audio and music.

Nicholas Blaski: The chief audio designer and music composer.

Justin "Zero" Howell: Production, design, and QA. Basically cleaning up the messes the rest of us make.


Team Gumball's currently preferred method of communication is over the Instant Messaging program Skype, of which my username is spaghettiweegee, but I can also be reached through this forum or through my personal email,

Previous Work by Team:

*ahem*, as I stated previously, Team Gumball is relatively new, so currently we have no previous work.

Additional Info:

Tie Dye is, yes, a rather silly game. But it's also meant to be a tightly controlled and challenging Action Platformer that should take a fair amount of skill to complete. It's not meant to be an ambitious effort, but rather a foray into the world of game development to build experience and, most importantly, a portfolio.

This post will soon be updated with small pieces of the bits of multimedia already created for the game, so if you're not totally sold on it, keep checking back.


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Default Re: Looking for Artists and Programmers to Create a 2D Action Platformer

I may be interested in working with you guys. Iv'e been programming for around 3 years and certainly have a strong work ethic. I'm familiar with game maker and unity as i have made several games using both programs, on the plus side i know a fair amount of c++ and java. I also make music in FL studio if you need me to make some music. If you'd like to discuss the project more please send me an email:
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Default Re: Looking for Artists and Programmers to Create a 2D Action Platformer

General update: This particular project has been put on hold temporarily due to part of the original creative team having to part ways for the time being. Still, the idea is out there, and I will come back whenever we're ready to dive back into it. Thanks!
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