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Default How do I make myself more hirable?

My situation is as follows:

I'm a student, currently working on, and almost finished with, a degree in Creative Writing for Entertainment at Full Sail University. However, I do my courses online as I live in Berlin, Germany.

I have a relatively decent sized portfolio that consist of several scripts I have written, as well as 3 50+ page game design documents, 2 working flash-based prototypes, several action and reaction flowcharts, and some concept art. I like to think I write well, as that is mostly the feedback I get from companies, but I can't seem to get anywhere.

I know that the obvious answer is: "Well you don't have a degree, yet." Yes, this I am entirely aware of. However, I'm not content with just sitting alone and writing my own work anymore. I want to actually make a game that gets out there and gets played, even if it's just by my friends and family.

With this desire comes my biggest obstacle: I can never find groups of people to work with for fun as a writer. No one can see the need for me, as all of the game development groups I frequent make games of such a basic scale that there is no storyline or dialogue they need an entire person for. I try to sell my ability, or come to people with ideas, but it's always, "That's too in depth, we just want something we can do on a Saturday afternoon and have a basic, working concept out."

Because of this, and my inability to grasp the vast world that is programming, my portfolio seems a bit lacking. I constantly get feedback from companies of: "You're work is so good, but you really need to have experience on a shipped game." or "We really like what you're doing, but we just don't really have the need for a writer at any point."

Granted, the studios I have been in contact with are relatively small ones that don't produce very narrative games, but there has to be some sort of a chance? I can't just walk into a huge company, throw my resume on the desk, having no real work experience, and walk out with a job.

If anyone has any ideas as to how I can market myself better that would be excellent. I'm sick of getting, "You've applied to the right place, but we just don't have any positions open for you at this time." responses.

Very sorry for the long post. Obviously if more information is required I'd be glad to oblige. Too long, didn't read; How can I make myself more hirable without having any shipped/really playable products?
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