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Default Graduate Degree Options for Aspiring Producer

How's everybody doing? I am looking for some honest opinions from experienced people on this forum on what I should select to study for my master's degree based on my background and desire to eventually become a Producer for a reputable game company.

Just a little about me: I am a West Point class of 2010 graduate with a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science. I am currently serving on active duty in the military as an Executive Officer for an Administrative Company. Prior to this position, I was a Platoon Leader for an Air Defense Battery in which I managed over 20 people towards mission success for 18 months. I have 3 years left in the Army before I can elect to leave the service, and undoubtedly in those 3 years I will be promoted to Captain and lead a Company of about 120 people.

In my current position as an XO, I have enough extra time on my hands to start working towards my Master's Degree. I want to study something that will better enable me to land a job as an assistant producer and eventually move up the ranks in that position. I have looked around at several sites and they seem to suggest that having a Master's Degree in a related field is a must for someone looking to be picked up as an assistant producer.

My question is, would it be better for me to grab a masters in something closely related to the technical side of game-making, i.e. a masters in game design? Or something more along the lines of project management? Please elaborate on your responses. The only master's degree specifically for game production that I have found is the one available from UAT. Unfortunately, that program is not online and I have no chance of taking a classroom course until I exit the Army in 3 years.

Sorry for the long read, but thank you to anyone who chooses to respond. Later!
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