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Default Game programming carrer guide

Hello, i'm an italian university student and next year i'll graduate (BS in computer science) with a 3.5 GPA ( i'm not 100% sure of this conversion ). I'm willing to enroll in game development/computer science MS, not for the master itself, but because this will allow me to enter in contact with other developers, and since i want to work in U.S.A. it will probably help me a lot. But still i got some unanswered question.
edit : i'd like to add that i have got a great passion for games and been programming them since i was 16 and in university too, though not for university projects.

My school of choice would be Digipen that offers a MS in computer science(and game development) . so :
1) is it hard to get admitted "as an international student" in digipen or in any other school that offer such program? On the net i can find a lot of information, but none for international.
2) since getting a job from outside U.S. is quite hard, i was hoping to get a job while or straight after college, before returning home. I've read that most of the Digipen graduates land a job ( even while in college ), but i'd like a real opinion from you guys!
3) in case i will not get a game-related job, a normal computer science job would be OK, maybe for the first two years, 'till i'll get some sort of temporary residence that will allow me to change job without getting kicked out from U.S.A.!

Thank you guys and please tell me if this dream is achievable or not !.
Good morning from italy

edit : i'm sorry i've just realized this is not the proper section... sorry for this, can you please move the post? i don't wanna post again!

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